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  • Bangladesh at War
    Maj. Gen. K. M. Safiullah

  • A Tale of Millions : Bangladesh Liberation War - 1971
    Maj. Rafiqul Islam

  • Of Blood and Fire : The Untold Story of Bangladesh’s War of Independence
    by Jahanara Imam translated Mustafizur Rahman

  • The Year that Was
    Ishrat Firdousi

  • Bangladesh Liberation Movement : International Legal Implications
    M. Rafiqul Islam

  • Bangladesh : Emergence of a Nation
    A. M. A. Muhith

  • Bengali Nationalism & The Emergence of Bangladesh : An Introductory Outline
    A. F. Salahuddin Ahmed

  • Spring 1971 : A Centre Stage Account of Bangladesh War of Liberation
    Faruq Aziz Khan

  • American Response to Bangladesh Liberation War
    A. M. A. Muhith

  • Breakup of Pakistan : Background & Prospects of Bangladesh
    Kabir Uddin Ahmad

  • Bangladesh Genocide and World Press
    Quaderi Fazlul Quader

  • The Last Days of a United Pakistan
    G. W. Choudhury


  • The Betrayal of East Pakistan
    Lt. Gen. A. A. K. Niazi

  • Memoirs of Lt. Gen. Gul Hassan Khan (The Last C-in-C of the Pakistan Army)
    Lt. Gen. Gul Hassan Khan

  • The Pakistan Army 1966-1971
    Maj. Gen. Shaukat Riza

  • Witness to Surrender
    Brig. Siddiq Salik

  • Conflict, Crisis & War in Pakistan
    Kalim Siddiqui

  • The Separation of East Pakistan : The Rise & Realisation of Bengali Muslim Nationalism
    Hasan Zaheer

  • Blood and Tears : Accounts of the Atrocities Committed in E. Pakistan AL militants
    Qutubuddin Aziz

  • Pakistan Divided : Study of the Factors and Forces Leading to the Break Up of Pakistan in 1971
    Mahmood Safdar


  • My Years with the IAF
    Air Chief Marshal PC Lal

  • Surrender at Dacca - Birth of a Nation
    Lt. Gen. J. F. R. Jacob

  • Victory in Bangladesh
    Maj. Gen. Lachhman Singh

  • The Lightning Campaign : Indo/Pakistan War - 1971
    Maj. Gen. D. K. Palit

  • India’s Wars Since Independence Vol.1 : The Liberation of Bangladesh
  • India's Wars Since Independence Vol.2 : Defence of the Western Border
  • India's Wars Since Independence Vol.3 : General Trends
    Maj. Gen. Sukhwant Singh

  • Rivers of Silence
    - Disaster on River Nam Ka Chu, 1962
    - the Dash to Dhaka Across River Meghna during 1971

    Maj. Gen. Ashok Kalyan Verma

  • Indian Gunners at War : The Western Front - 1971
    Maj. Gen. Jagjit Singh

  • Genocide in East Pakistan/Bangladesh : A Horror Story
    S. K. Bhattacharyya

  • The Rape of Bangladesh
    Anthony Mascarenhas

  • Bangladesh Documents
    Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

  • India & the Freedom Struggle of Bangladesh
    ed. M. S. Deora

  • Bangladesh : Revolution for Liberation
    K. K. Sinha

  • The Liberation War (Bangladesh)
    Mohammed Ayoob & Subrahmanyam

  • Dismemberment of Pakistan)
    Benedict Costa


  • War & Secession : Pakistan, India & the Creation of Bangladesh
    Sisson & Rose

  • Prelude to Crisis - Bengal & Bengal Studies (1970)
    ed. Peter Bertocci

  • Bangladesh : The Unfinished Revolution
    Lawrence Lifschultz


  • Pakistan Crisis
    David Loshak

  • The East Pakistan Tragedy
    L. F. Rushbrook Williams

  • The Tempest Within : An Account of East Pakistan
    Dom Moraes


  • The Western Front : The Indo-Pakistan War, 1971
    Lt. Gen. K. P. Candeth

  • Tragedy of Errors : East Pakistan Crisis, 1968 - 1971
    Lt. Gen. Kamal Matinuddin

  • No Way But Surrender : An Account of the Indo-Pak War in the Bay of Bengal,1971
    Vice Admiral N. Krishnan

  • How Pakistan Got Divided
    Maj. Gen. Rao Farman Ali

  • The Story of My Struggle
    Maj. Gen. Tajammul Hussein Malik

  • Indian Sword Strikes in East Pakistan
    Maj. Gen. Lachhman Singh

  • Pakistan’s Crisis in Leadership
    Maj. Gen. Fazal Khan Muqeem

  • Operation Windfall : Emergence of Bangladesh
    Brig. H. S. Sodhi

  • Dismemberment of Pakistan : 1971 Indo/Pak War
    Brig. Jagdev Singh

  • East Pakistan to Bangladesh
    Brig. Saadullah Khan

  • The Bangladesh Papers : The Recorded Statements and Speeches of ZA Bhutto, Mujeeb-ur-Rahman, Gen. Yahya Khan and other Politicans of United Pakistan, 1969 – 1971

  • History of Bangladesh War of Independence Document
    ed. Hafizur Rahman Hasan

  • Revolt in East Bengal
    R. K. Dasgupta

  • Asia’s Flashpoint, 1971 : Bangladesh
    Herbert Feith

  • Emergence of Bangladesh and Big Power Role on 1971
    Jaglul Alam

  • War with Pakistan
    J. S. B. Arora

  • Bangladesh Liberation Struggle, 1971 : The Role of USA, China, Soviet Union and India

  • Big Power Role in the Indo – Pak Conflict of 1971
    Javed Kamran Bashir

  • Dismemberment of Pakistan
    Benedict Costa

  • Midnight Massacre in Dacca
    Sukharanjan Dasgupta

  • The 14 Day War
    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

  • Spotlight : Feedom Fighters of Bangladesh : A New Outlook Based on Author’s Research
    Shiv Kumar Garg

  • Disintegration of Pakistan
    D. G. A. Khan

  • Fall of Niazi and Birth of Bangladesh
    A. M. Khandaker
  • Pakistan Divided
    Safdar Mahmood

  • Pakistan Cut to Size : The Authentic Story of the 14 day Indo – Pak War
    D. R. Mankekar

  • Not the Whole Truth : East Pakistan Crisis (March – December 1971)
    ed. Sarfaraz Hussain Mizra

  • The Tempest Within : An Account of East Pakistan
    Dom Moraes

  • The Soldier is Afraid : An Account of Operation Sikander, Bangladesh War,1971
    Noel G. O’Connor

  • White Paper on the Crisis in East Pakistan
    Pakistan Ministry of Information and National Affairs

  • Internal Strife and External Intervention : India’s Role in the Civil War in E. Pakistan
    Hasam-Askari Rizvi

  • The Deliberate Debacle
    Mahmood Safdar

  • Pakistan Divided : Study of the Factors and Forces Leading to the Break Up of Pakistan in 1971
    Mahmood Safdar

  • The Decisive War : Emergence of a New Nation
    S. S. Sethi

  • War of Independence in Bangladesh : A Documentary Study
    ed. I. N. Tewary

  • Bangladesh , Sufferings, Survival : Let Humanity Not Forget
    Abul Hasanat

  • The Ugliest Genocide in History
    Abul Hasanat

  • Blood and Tears : Accounts of the Atrocities Committed in E. Pakistan by AL militants
    Qutubuddin Aziz

  • Genocide in Bangladesh
    Kalyan Choudhury

  • East Pakistan : Roots of the Genocide
    Pakistan Forum Publication

  • How Pakistan Violated Human Rights in Bangladesh
    Indian Council of World Affairs

  • War Crimes and Genocide : The Trial of Pakistani War Criminals
    Brijesh Narain Mehrish

  • Genocide in Bangladesh : Harrowing Accounts of Some Eye Witnesses
    M. Rafiqul Islam

  • Dhaka 1971 : An Album of Liberation War
    Dhaka City Museum

  • The Process of Priority Formulation : US Foreign Policy in the Indo-Pak War of 1971
    Dan Haendel

  • The Role of India and the Big Powers in East Pakistan Crisis of 1971
    Matiur Rahman

  • Bangladesh, My Bangladesh : Selected Speeches and Statements (28/10/70 -26/03/70)
    Sheikh M. Rahman, ed. Ramendu Majumdar

  • South Asian Crisis (India-Pakistan-Bangladesh)
    Robert Jackson

  • The End and the Beginning (Pakistan 1969 - 1971)
    Herbert Feldman

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